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  • Q: How long is the Trial Period?
    May 15th to October 1st.
  • Q: Does the Golden Resident Permit allow me to park for two hours or longer in the neighborhood permit zones?
    No. Only residents and employees within a neighborhood permit zone permitted to park in these zones. The Golden Resident Permit only pre-registers holders for the free two-hour parking zones in Downtown and 10th Street and the Golden Community Center lots.
  • Q: How does ADA parking work?
    The City of Golden provides signed ADA parking spots in accordance with the Colorado State Statutes, 42-3-204 and 42-4-1208 and is compliant with all ADA requirements. Persons with disabilities who have a valid ADA license plate or placard, may park in any public or private designated ADA spot, but the parking of such vehicles is subject to any fee imposed in such area. Any person found to have violated the ADA parking regulations shall be fined. The only parking placard exempt from paying for parking is the purple Remuneration Exempt Disability Parking Placard in Colorado. Click here for more information on ADA parking. Please see the parking map for locations of ADA parking spots.
  • Q: Why does the City have a paid parking system downtown?
    Downtown Golden is a popular destination serving residents, businesses and employees, visitors and others who need convenient and accessible parking. With a limited amount of parking, paid parking discourages ‘all day parking’ and supports business by ensuring regular turnover of parking spaces.
  • Q: Can I park for free on downtown streets?
    Yes. The first two hours of on-street parking will continue to be free (limited to two free hours per day). Please be aware that the two-hour window will be more consistently enforced starting on May 1, 2024.
  • Q: Why won’t the City just add more parking spaces downtown?
    There are very few opportunities to build new public parking in Downtown Golden. Most opportunities are part of future public or private redevelopment. The Transportation Master Plan calls for expanding travel options into Downtown Golden including the Ore Cart shuttle and RTD bus and rail systems and improved bike lanes and sidewalks. The City and downtown community will continue to collaborate on a balanced transportation system including properly managed parking.
  • Q: Why is there a higher parking fines if I have more than one violation?
    The ultimate goal of any parking management system is compliance to support resident and business needs. A very small percentage of people have incurred multiple. The increasing parking fine is intended to deter multiple violations.
  • Q: What is the enforcement plan for the Golden Community Center?
    Visitors to the Golden Community Center (or GCC) can continue to enjoy the amenities while parked. Please register for parking at the iPad or with the front desk. If you need to extend your time, please make a request with the front desk or ask them for it before you leave the lobby area. Please note that this lot is by permit only Friday-Sunday. If you are a member of the GCC, please request your GCC permit from the front desk directly. Your permit will allow you to activate your parking as soon as you check in with the front desk, without having to register at the stand that will be available off of the 10th Street Lot.
  • Q: Are parking permits available for downtown residents?
    Yes. Downtown residents can continue to purchase a permit for free 24/7 parking in the two garages (on-street and surface lot parking is not included). Existing 2024 permits register your license plate for each vehicle. Permit fees vary by building and the number of vehicles.
  • Q: What does the City do with the permit fees and parking fines? Do they help mitigate visitor impacts like the lodging tax?
    Revenues from the permit fees and parking fines are primarily used for the maintenance and improvement of parking garages and surface lots. A portion of the fees cover the City’s cost to manage the program and for municipal court appeals of parking violations.
  • Q: How much does it cost to park in the parking garages and downtown surface parking lots?
    The first two hours will continue to be free and require registering your license plate. Each additional hour is $2.50 with a daily maximum of $10. Visitors can purchase a weekly permit for $50. Please be aware that garages and surface lot regulations will be more consistently enforced starting May 1, 2024.
  • Q: Why is the parking contractor managing the parking fine dispute process instead of the City?
    Park Golden Co will manage permitting to enforcement to violation disputes to simplify the City’s parking system. Residents, businesses and visitors have raised issues about the complexity of the current system operated with multiple contractors.
    Parking Permit: General term for any permit issued by the City or Interstate Downtown Employee Permit: Specific term for downtown parking permit issued to employee Downtown Resident Permit: Specific term for downtown parking permit issued to full-time downtown resident Neighborhood Parking Permit (NPP): Specific term for parking permit issued within one of the neighborhood permit areas: Golden High School NPP 9th Street NPP 12th Street NPP (West Downtown NPP) Guest Parking Permit: Specific term for temporary parking permit issued within NPP. Permit Fee: $USD amount charged by Park Golden Co for any permit. Parking Violation Fine: $USD amount charged by Park Golden Co for failure to comply with parking regulations including any administrative fees. Parking Violation: Physical ticket/notice that vehicle has violated parking regulations. Municipal Appeal/Review Fee: There is no fee to schedule a second level appeal to the Hearing Officer. If there is a failure to appear or the appeal is lost, the Hearing Officer will assess a $100 administration fee.
  • Q: I’m a contractor working in Golden. How do I know if I need to get a guest parking permit?
    Contractors may pay for parking or FREE parking is available at all times in the Clear Creek Parking Lot, located at 304 10th St.
  • Q: Can Golden residents get permits to park downtown up to two hours without using the pay to park kiosks or phone system?
    Yes. All Golden residents are eligible for two hours of free parking each day. This requires annually registering for the Golden Resident Permit for each vehicle. Residents planning to park longer than two hours must register via the QR code or a payment kiosk and pay the hourly rate.
  • Q: Where can I get information on parking in the City of Golden?
    Map ‘N Park has information on parking locations, permitting, parking rates and violation disputes.
  • Q: What is Park Golden Co's contact policy?
    Interstate will return emails and contact form submissions within one to two business days.
  • Q: How can I get a guest parking permit?
    Guest permits will be available beginning May 1, 2024.
  • Q: How do I dispute a parking violation? What if I don’t agree with Park Golden Co’s decision?
    Parking violations can be disputed online within ten (10 days). Evidence supporting the appeal must be uploaded to the website. Click here for examples of general reasons a violation will not be dismissed. You may request the matter be heard by the Hearing Officer if you disagree with the outcome of the dispute process.
  • Q: Are parking permits available for downtown employees?
    Yes. Downtown employees can register for a permit through their employer for free 24/7 parking on side streets in the ‘DT Zone’ and the two public garages. The permit is valid for six months and must be renewed by the employer through their employer permit portal. Employee parking continues to be prohibited on Washington Avenue and portions of side streets without the ‘DT Zone’ sign.
  • Q: Why does the City have permit parking systems in some neighborhoods?
    Permit parking was implemented after requests by neighborhoods around Golden High School and Colorado School of Mines. The system helps ensure parking accessibility for neighborhood residents while encouraging students to utilize on-campus parking options.
  • Q: How is the City of Golden changing its parking program?
    The majority of Golden's parking program remains the same. Here is a quick overview of what is changing: Downtown Paid parking has expanded to all days of the week (holidays and weekends included). The cost to park is $2.50/hr. There is a specific enforcement plan for the Golden Community Center.
  • Q: Why is the City expanding downtown parking regulations to seven days a week
    Downtown Golden has become increasingly popular every day of the year due to a diverse mix of businesses, outdoor opportunities and small-town charm. Residents and businesses have expressed a need for daily parking regulation and enforcement.
  • Q: Does Park Golden Co share private information about users?
    Park Golden Co does not share any information we collect.
  • Q: Why are permit rates and parking fines increasing for the new system? Is this just a way to raise money for the City?
    There is a limited number of downtown parking spaces and very few opportunities to build new public parking. The new fee and fine structure reflect the increasing demand for downtown parking for residents, employees, visitors and others. This is the first increase since 2017.
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